Winter is Coming

The recent overnight drone strike carried out by the Russian military in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, near the local nuclear power plant, resulted in explosions that caused significant damage, including shattered windows in administrative, laboratory, and residential structures. The incident led to a power outage due to the destruction of power lines, adversely affecting 1,860 consumers in the cities of Slavuta and Netishyn. 

These events are part of a larger pattern, as Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have already incurred more than 10 billion dollars in damages. This widespread destruction has disrupted access to essential resources such as electricity, water, and heating. As another harsh winter approaches, Ukrainians once again face the looming threat of life-threatening freezing temperatures without proper access to these vital resources. 

Task Force Antal (TFA) has committed to providing critical resources to these vulnerable communities. Thanks to our generous supporters, we are able to address shortfalls not covered in the nation-to-nation aid packages. Just today another 1000 pounds of first aid supplies arrived at one of our warehouses and we will be continue to train Ukrainian power station employees, with the invaluable assistance of knowledgeable special operations veterans and our host nation partners, to ensure the continued operation and resilience of the energy infrastructure.