Front-Line Emergency Medicine

Task Force Antal’s FLEM program provides crucial training and materials to vulnerable communities directly impacted by wartime. Led by experienced volunteers from world-class medical and military backgrounds, the program arms high-risk communities with life-saving skills and donations while also offering opportunities for veterans to find a new sense of purpose. It can take only three to five minutes to bleed to death after severe trauma. 

Our Impact

Over 6500 civilians trained

Over $14 million donated in supplies

Over 125 locations visited

Over 6300 IFAKS + TQs distributed

69% trained have been women

Thousands of railroad workers trained

Over 20,000 civillians waiting for training

Our History

During the first month of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, TFA focused on safely evacuating civilians while providing humanitarian services to the refugee population. The success of TFA’s efforts caught the attention of local officials who soon after asked Christine and Mark Antal to extend TFA’s expertise to civilian training. In response, the Front-Line Emergency Medicine program was created. 


Drone and missile strikes have resulted in mass civilian injuries and death tolls due to documented non-military targeting of schools, hospitals, cultural sites, and residential buildings. With a lack of reliable hospital services, it is up to civilians to have the proper materials and knowledge to stop the bleeding of themselves and their community if the dire time comes.  

Our Mission

Task Force Antal aims to decrease the mortality rates in Ukraine associated with severe bleeding that could have been likely prevented if bystanders had been equipped with first aid kit knowledge and necessary items. 

Through our goal to create sustainability within Ukraine, we provide opportunities for veterans to continue serving in their next phase of life. Our volunteers travel to high-risk areas with advanced skills gained during their time in the military. 

TFA Veteran Voices

“TFA allows me to touch my former life in a way and gives me a new reason to plan and “deploy” to an area where the people need help.” – X.L. 

“Volunteering in Ukraine teaching medical classes to civilians in high-risk areas is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.” – J.S. 

“I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to do Marine things again. It felt like waking up from a very long slumber. After all, who else could say how “I spent my summer vacation?” and have their answer be, running humanitarian supplies into Ukraine. To do things that matter is why I joined the Marines life times ago.”  – J.O. 

Our Objectives

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