Our Vision: Ukraine

We’re dedicated to serving alongside the Ukrainian people until they’re able to be free and safe. We envision a future protected from violent invasion and destruction, where Ukrainians are reunited with family and a life of liberty in their sovereign nation. 

Task Force Antal supports those who remain in Ukraine fighting for their lives and liberty. We coordinate aid and service delivery priorities directly with trusted Ukrainian partners with whom we have worked for more than seven years. Your generosity helps us deliver:

Join us in our mission to help the Ukrainian people be free and safe, protected from violent invasion and destruction, and reunited with family and a life of liberty in their sovereign nation. 


Keeping People and Hope Alive in Ukraine

by Task Force Antal | Humanitarian Action in Ukraine


Our Mission in Ukraine

With a notable global reputation, Task Force Antal was once again called upon for help at the dawn of the illegal and lethal invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces in 2022. U.S citizens, their family members, innocent Ukrainians, and third-country citizens were suffering and in desperate need of help to escape a war zone that continues to worsen by the day.  

As is a cornerstone of our ethos, we never leave a fallen brother or sister behind. When we are called up for help, we answer that call without hesitation. It is who we are.  

What started as a life-threatening mission to evacuate American citizens from Eastern Ukraine as Russian troops invaded has evolved into a complex humanitarian relief program that requires ongoing donations for support in: 

The devastating conflict in Ukraine is expected to last many months, if not years, and the need for critical humanitarian action grows more urgent by the day. Each and every delivery of supplies and services saves and sustains human life.  

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