Cleveland Family

by Task Force Antal | Humanitarian Action in Afghanistan and Ukraine

We are asking for your help. We need to save the wife, five-year-old daughter and three-year-old son of an Afghan Special Forces Operator named ‘Cleveland’ from the Taliban. In August 2021, during the air evacuation, US Special Forces veterans assisted Cleveland and his friend, ‘Rayi’, a Special Forces interpreter, escape the Taliban from Kabul. In the chaos of the Taliban’s takeover both Cleveland and Rayi were separated from their families. Cleveland fought closely beside US Green Berets for over a decade in Afghanistan. In retaliation for Cleveland’s service to the US and Afghan government, the Taliban continues to deny his wife and children departure from Afghanistan. The family is trapped and in fear of their lives. Since August 2021, Cleveland has worked continuously to get them to safety, but options are limited and difficult.

We cannot stand by and watch the Taliban continue to destroy innocent lives.

Task Force Antal has worked tirelessly since the withdrawal to support, protect, and evacuate Americans, allies, and their families stranded in Afghanistan. In January, TFA reunited Rayi with his wife after a harrowing 18 months despite the Taliban actively hunting her. TFA successfully executed a dramatic rescue and liberated her from the Taliban’s grasp. We need to do the same for Cleveland’s wife and children.

We need to move Cleveland’s wife and young children to a third country and apply for the documentation required for them to be eligible for legal entry to the United States. With your help, we can get them to safety and put them on the path to at last be reunited with Cleveland.

Any funds received in excess of that required to complete the unification of Cleveland with his family will be redirected to assist other families stranded in Afghanistan.