Our Mission in Afghanistan

Our Vision is that those who would suffer violence and death at the hands of the Taliban for their support of U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan, be free, protected, and relocated to safety, reunited with family and a life of liberty. 

We envision a world where liberty is protected, and tyranny cannot and does not dominate in any region where we are called upon to serve. That no person be left behind and defenseless when violent oppression threatens life, limb, and family. 

Thousands of U.S. citizen-soldier family members are still trapped in Afghanistan after the challenging withdrawal of U.S. troops in August 2021. They are targeted for retaliation by the Taliban, but you can help us keep them safe.

To date, Task Force Antal has directly helped more than 2000 people lawfully and safely evacuate Afghanistan. We currently support over 1800 people still trapped in Afghanistan awaiting reunification and resettlement in the U.S.​, including 1300 immediate family members of active U.S. citizen soldiers.

Private contributions from our donors help us pay the approximately $76,000 a month (and rising) needed for food, medicine, housing, sanitation needs, transportation, and processing fees for these families. We also provide advocacy and case management pro bono for their State Department processing which can take up to 18 months. 


#StillThereAFGH · Help those left behind in Afghanistan

by Task Force Antal | Humanitarian Action in
Afghanistan and Ukraine

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