Together, we are saving lives and hope in Ukraine. Donate today to get critical lifesaving supplies and services to the areas of greatest need.

Join us in helping thousands of U.S. citizen-soldier families and colleagues left behind in Afghanistan as we keep them safe from Taliban retribution while they await evacuation.

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our mission

Support and protect the most vulnerable people trapped in active war zones by leveraging the expert skills of our world-class volunteers and elite special operations veterans to provide critical services and humanitarian aid in conflict areas where others cannot or dare not go while enabling retired Tier One Operations veterans to continue their life´s work of protecting life and liberty for those who need them most.

Meet the Task Force

Who we are

Led by founders Christine Quinn Antal and Mark Antal, Task Force Antal collaborates with veterans, front-line communities and global governments to provide lifesaving training, support and evacuations in war zones. Since 2021 Task Force Antal has empowered veterans to use their skills and experience to save lives once again, in both Afghanistan and Ukraine. In addition to providing evacuation support to U.S. citizens still in Afghanistan, we train and equip civilians to provide lifesaving front-line medical support. Over the last three years TFA has become known as a singularly effective specialist operation with a formidable reputation for rescuing those in need. 

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