Join the mission to reunite US Special Forces Hero, Cleveland, with His Family Still Facing The Taliban

In August 2021, during the air evacuation, US Special Forces veterans aided Afghan Green Beret “Cleveland,” a graduate of the US Army’s Special Forces Qualification Course, and his friend, ‘Rayi’, a Special Forces interpreter, to escape the Taliban from Kabul. In the chaos, Cleveland and Rayi were separated from their families and in retaliation for Cleveland’s service to the US and the Afghan government, the Taliban continues to deny his wife and children departure from Afghanistan. 

Cleveland’s asylum application was recently granted, marking a pivotal moment which has provided him the mental and legal stability to start his life in the US. This approval not only enables him to embark on a new chapter of his life in the United States, but also serves as a gateway to establish a legal foundation for reunification with his family. Despite consistently working multiple minimum-wage jobs, Cleveland is diligently pursuing a career in the trucking industry where he recently completed the CDL drivers’ course. His aspiration extends beyond personal success, as he endeavors to not only sustain himself but also provide financial support for his wife and children, who remain in Afghanistan, facing ongoing fear for their lives. 

TFA has been assisting Cleveland’s wife and four-year-old son in receiving several critical requirements to legally depart Afghanistan. Due to some unfortunate setbacks and security complications with the Taliban, Cleveland’s six-year-old daughter is still missing the required documents. Cleveland’s family still remains in hiding as security risks and safety considerations remain. 

TFA remains dedicated to overcoming the challenges involved in acquiring the necessary documents for Cleveland’s young daughter so that they may depart Afghanistan and be reunited. Due to his status as an Afghan Special Forces Officer who enlisted under Operation Allies Welcome (OAW) in August 2021, Cleveland’s wife and children have multiple valid immigration avenues for reunification, particularly after the US airlifts and withdrawal. The most secure and expedient route is to move the family to a third country outside of Afghanistan, where a US Embassy or Consulate will issue visas, enabling the family to then secure direct commercial flights to the US. While this approach promises the swiftest and most secure reunion, it does come with associated costs, including visa fees, several months of living expenses, and flights to the US. Nevertheless, TFA is diligently working alongside Cleveland’s family to finalize the remaining conditions for his departure from Afghanistan. Once these prerequisites are met, TFA will collaborate with various US Government immigration entities to establish a lawful avenue for the family’s reunion in the United States. 

Prior to TFA’s assistance, Cleveland had lost all hope of reuniting with his family. Despite exhausting every option to overcome Taliban interference and secure his family’s departure, he found himself stuck. The bottom line is, he’s surviving, not thriving. He’s holding minimum wage jobs and barely making ends meet to support his family stuck in Afghanistan. Cleveland is deeply grateful for the support and now feels optimistic that he will be reunited with his wife and children. They have been apart for over two years. Without your support, his family would not be this far in the process of unification. TFA looks forward to further updates with more positive news in the near future. 

We have a critical mission: to raise $25,000 in support of Afghan refugees who have been hiding from the Taliban for the past two years, since the last US Soldier left the country. Your donation today can make a life-changing difference. For every contribution you make, a generous TFA donor will match it dollar for dollar, amplifying your impact. This is not just a donation; it’s a lifeline for those who have been living in fear and uncertainty and threat of death, our allies! Help us reach our goal and provide essential aid, protection, and hope to these vulnerable individuals and families. Your action can turn the tide of despair into hope. Donate now and double your impact!