Answering the Call in Ukraine 

Two years ago today Task Force Antal was hard at work in Afghanistan, when we received the call. The people of Ukraine were facing another deadly and horrifying invasion of their country by Russian forces. With our team’s decades of experience in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones, we knew we had no other choice than to mobilize. Within 48-hours we were on a mission to rescue American citizens from Eastern Ukraine, but our mission has grown so much larger since.  

Today, in Ukraine, the frontlines are everywhere. Our team of Special Operations veterans have faced the reality of training young children to dress emergency wounds, staunch bleeding, and save the lives of their friends and family, all before they reach middle school. We have worked tirelessly with Ukrainian officials, citizen groups and our NGO partners to ensure the medical supplies they so desperately need are delivered to critical and dangerous zones. And of course, we have helped countless escape conflict zones and ensured their safety.  

This work is critical, and we’ll keep answering the call for as long as we are needed. We know that our team is willing and committed to continue protecting life and liberty in Ukraine, but we need your help funding their work. Will you become one of our supporters? 

We have a vision for a better future: One where the people of Ukraine live in safety in their sovereign nation, where their medical infrastructure is rebuilt, and they’re free to pursue a life of their own design. Please, consider a donation today. Two years is two years too long.