A man in camp pulls a SKED away from bright red smoke
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What is a SKED?

What is a SKED, and why is it so important to Ukrainian soldiers and civilian first-responders?  

SKEDs are an important rescue technology that have come to make all the difference for Ukrainians in conflict zones. Their name is a combination of “sled” and “skid” and they are used like stretchers to carry wounded civilians and soldiers out of the rubble of destroyed structures. The use of SKEDs increases survival rates because it is a much more effective way of getting people to life-saving medical help. 

Without SKEDs, Ukrainians carry their wounded neighbors and family members in their arms which is both life-threatening and traumatizing for all involved.  

We presented the SKEDs pictured to front-line Ukrainian leaders to support the cause. They were generously donated in 2022 by one of Task Force Antal’s key partners, RevMedx, a company specializing in groundbreaking devices for combat medics and civilian first responders.  

Like RevMedx, you can support getting critically important medical equipment to the first responders who need them most.  

Join us in our mission to keep people and hope alive in Ukraine.

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