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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: One Year Anniversary of U.S. Withdrawal, Task Force Antal Increases Fundraising for U.S. Family Members Left Behind

NEW YORK August 15, 2022 – On the one-year anniversary of the withdrawal of United States and allied troops from Afghanistan, and the takeover of the country by the Taliban, Task Force Antal is launching a fundraising campaign to support its humanitarian efforts in the country.  

In conjunction with the “Still There” campaign, Task Force Antal has launched a new website,, where people can read about its lifesaving work. 

Following the Taliban takeover of the country and the humanitarian crisis that ensued, Task Force Antal got 2,000 immediate family members of United States citizen-soldiers and Afghan colleagues, such as interpreters, and allies out of the country. Task Force Antal is currently caring for 1,800 people in hiding who are at high risk for Taliban retribution, according to Mark Antal, who founded Task Force Antal with his wife, Christine Quinn Antal. 

Task Force Antal was created as an immediate response to the urgent humanitarian crisis that ensued on August 15. 

Gifts to the “Still There” fundraising campaign, which funds the housing, feeding, and medical and general care of those Task Force Antal is hiding from the Taliban, can be made on the Give Lively fundraising platform at

Task Force Antal’s lifesaving work is 100 percent supported by private donors, with no government funding.  

There is an approximate 18-month wait to be granted visas and then get a flight out of the country. Task Force Antal is advocating for these people and their repatriation with the Department of State. 

Task Force Antal is an original member of the #AfghanEvac coalition, whose members collaborate on a full pipeline of efforts, from humanitarian support on the ground through relocation opportunities and resettlement work. 

“Through our efforts, we are blessed with a small role in alleviating that human suffering. We are blessed to watch them
pursue… a life of freedom.”

Task Force Antal Volunteer

“Most of the people we assist are in mortal danger, do not have enough to eat, are in danger of losing their homes, and have not been able to work for a year. Through our efforts, we are blessed with a small role in alleviating that human suffering. We are blessed to watch them pursue legal residency in the United States, to pursue their citizenship, and to know we are helping them pursue a life of freedom. I’m never more encouraged than when I know we have assisted young girls and women escape a regime that would have them be second-class citizens and now they are free to pursue their dreams,” said a Task Force Antal volunteer. 

In addition to its efforts in Afghanistan, Task Force Antal provides crises management services and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including critical first response and medical equipment for volunteer defenders and community leaders on the ground.  

“We support and protect the most vulnerable people trapped in active war zones by leveraging the expert skills of our world-class volunteers and elite special operations veterans. We provide critical services and humanitarian aid in conflict areas where others cannot or dare not go while enabling retired Tier One Operations veterans to continue their life’s work of protecting life and liberty for those who need them most,” Mark Antal said. 

About Task Force Antal 

Task Force Antal is a non-profit humanitarian action organization providing life-saving supplies, evacuation support, and crisis management to the vulnerable in high-risk conflict zones. Our team of world-class volunteers and elite special operations veterans is currently leading the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and Afghanistan. Task Force Antal, a registered nonprofit in the United States, Hungary, and Ukraine, is headquartered in New York with offices in Hungary, Poland, and Ukraine.