A black parabelt

What is a PARABELT?

PARABELTs are important rescue technology that have come to make all the difference for Ukrainians in conflict zones. PARABELTS are a daily wear tourniquet + belt combination that helps to stop hemorrhaging which is bleeding from damaged blood vessels. 

Ukrainians without parabelts are forced to use homemade tourniquets which are inefficient in stopping life-threatening bleeding and can cost a person their life.  

We presented the PARABELTs pictured here to leaders bringing these supplies to rural civilians and first responders to help reduce the death toll from bombings there. 

You can support getting critically important medical equipment to the first responders who need them most. Donate today to help us get more life-saving tools into the hands of Ukrainians fighting for their lives and those of their families and neighbors. 

Join us in our mission to keep people and hope alive in Ukraine. 

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